2019's Best Tax Mileage App for Business, Finance & Travel.

2 x Best Mobile Apps Platinum Award. Our design makes us unique to other mileage apps in that EasyBiz Mileage combines simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency for an enjoyable, hassle-free mileage log experience.

Simple. Clean. Beautiful. Easy.

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Our Story

EasyBiz was founded by a group of small business owners in the cozy little town of Arvada, CO. These were men and women who spent a great deal of time on the road and needed a simple way to track their mileage expenses.

Currently, Mileage trackers typically fall into one of three categories:

  1. Automated - The easy, out of sight out of mind approach is great. Unfortunately, these apps aren't always accurate and tend to over track your routes, leaving you with excess data that you have to weed through and clean up.
  2. Traditional - These apps take what most people could do with a pen and paper or an excel spreadsheet and convert it into app form. You still spend just as much time, if not more, entering in all the data to your phone.
  3. Mico-transactional - We all know these apps. Another car $$, another set of logs $$, extra storage $$..... ugh

    We wanted to be different....

    We wanted to help fellow businessmen and businesswomen like us get on the road and limit the time and headache associated with entering and organizing new and redundant log entries. We wanted EasyBiz to be conceptually simple and easy to use, have a clean and aesthetic interface and give users the ability to track routes, trends, and export data simply by tapping on a button. We also offer unlimitted storage and backups for just $2.99 a month. There are no other micro transactions or charges!
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We welcome feedback and are continually working to improve the app. If you have any suggestions or comments please contact us here.

Why is EasyBiz Mileage Tracker The Best Mileage App of 2019?

Mileage Tracking
Simple, clean and reliable mileage tracking meant to get you on the road faster.
Graphical Data
Graphic breakdowns of your gas, reimbursements, mileage, and total costs.
Award Winning Interface
EasyBiz has been the platinum winner of 2 Best Mobile App Awards for User Interface
Manual Edits
Manual entry options still allow for users to log mileage manually and export data to excel.
World Currencies
Compatible with over seven international currencies as well as imperial and metric. More coming!
As Seen In
Featured in MSN Money, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, iMore, CNET & More!

Made To Get You On The Road

App Includes:
+GPS Adjustable Tracking (Save Battery by Adjusting GPS Accuracy when needed).
+Pre-Set Data Functions +Start/Stop Tracking Functionality
+Metric System Compatibility
+World Currencies
+Multi-Vehicle Expense Tracking
+Standard Mileage Rates (Business, Moving, Charity, etc.)/ Tax Deduction Tracking
+Graphs & Analytics - Total Mileage, Gas Consumption, Mileage Returns, & Total Costs
+FREE Automatic Data Backup (Google Drive) and CSV/Excel Format Export
Expense Trips Logged
Platinum BMA Awards
World Currencies
"I'm traveling daily for my business works and keep track of mileage is a must. This app keeps all my traveling data including mileage, routes and mileage deductions. Monthly Data analysis ODO GPS comparison and easily understanding graphs saves a lot of time plus it gives much more accurate results than doing them manually. "
– Google Play Review

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